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Whyoffashion is an open project to connect the world

Beitragvon meichangsu520 » 11.06.2018, 09:01

whyoffashion is one of the best Fashion blogs site in india. If you always wanted to Top fashion blogs and lifestyl then your welcome on this World-class Platform. What is Whyoffashion?

There are innumerable interpretations to fashion. It means different things to different people. For some it may mean comfort Women's Stacy McGee Jersey , to others it may mean being unique, and so on. We studied a lot of the fashion information that is available for the consumers. Most of the content is well combined. But then the language and style is far from simple, which can only be understood by fashion forward audience.

From a market perspective, consumers spend around 200 Women's Terrelle Pryor Jersey ,000 Cr per annum in India alone on fashion. Hence, we wanted all the consumers to be aware of the latest in fashion.

This led to the origin of Whyoffashion, an open project to cater to the fashion needs of consumers, so that they can make well informed decisions while spending their money on fashion.

The core values that laid the foundation to this project are:

• Transparency – Bring reality to the audience.

• Simplicity – Expression using a simple language.

• Inclusiveness – Being a community where people participate and share their view on style and fashion. We believe diversity of audience by attitude Women's Preston Smith Jersey , style, culture, and geography is so much that only inclusiveness can bring fulfillment of the objective.

• Diversity – Encourage diversity of ideas.

• Data Driven Decisions – Constantly improving quality of content through sharing of data.

• Consumer Centric Approach – Basing all decisions on consumer needs.

These drove the inception of the first such open project and platform that aims to bring best of it to all, with a view of simplicity.

With great response in its initial months of launch we intend to provide this platform to amateur bloggers so that they can start in no time. This enables them to experience feedback from readers and develop their own blogs. It is also encouraging to witness contributions from many experienced bloggers as well.

With growing contributors and audience we see this as global phenomena in the making.

Redefining fashion blogging in India through building one of its kinds Fashion Community – Whyoffashion

Most of the Indian consumers are unaware of the latest. This is due to the lack of information resources Women's Brandon Scherff Jersey , which cater only to needs. A ray of hope to overcome this problem is the bloggers. The bloggers across India and globally try to provide information regarding through their own individual blogs. This allows at least a part, of the blogs' loyal audience of consumers, to receive updates to the right fashion.

Whyoffashion is an open project to connect the world of to the world of consumers through a single medium. It allows bloggers from across India to provide their contributions and have access to be an audience of other contributors. Whyoffashion brings various bloggers to a one stop destination. This is a one of its kind initiative exclusive to promote various inspirations. With this, Whyoffashion aims to build an exclusive community Women's Montae Nicholson Jersey , not just with the brands, but also with the Indian consumers.

Fashion blogging just got bigger, with blogs and fashion updates from a larger number of contributors all at one place – Whyoffashion!

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